The Gablonzer Hütte is idyllically situated above the Gosausee, directly beneath the Gosaukamm of the Dachstein mountains. It is a classic mountain hut. It is owned by the Neugablonz-Enns Section of the Austrian Alpine Club. From here there are numerous touring possibilities in summer, from easy hikes in the immediate vicinity, such as to the Großer Donnerkogel as the local mountain, to challenging routes on the Gosaukamm and Dachstein massif. In winter, the house is located directly on the slopes in the ski region Dachstein West.

The history of the hut dates back to 1934. It was purchased in 1932 by the Gablonz Section in the Sudetenland in shell condition. Two years later it was opened. After the troubles of WWII, at the beginning of the 50s of the 20th century, the sections Gablonz with headquarters in Kaufbeuren and the sister section Neu-Gablonz with headquarters in Enns were founded by the Sudeten Germans, who were displaced from their homeland. Since 1967, the Zwieselalm and with it the Gablonzer Hütte have also been made accessible for winter sports by cable cars.

Tireless efforts of the section with always continuous renewal, expansion and maintenance measures over the decades were necessary. From the construction of the material cable car, the installation of electric light, the supply with drinking water through spring cisterns to extensive renovations and extensions. Particularly noteworthy is the acquisition of sole ownership by the Neugablonz-Enns Section in 2002 and the preservation of the extensive trail structure around the Gablonzer Hütte. The detailed chronicle can be found under the following link: https://www.alpenverein.at/gablonzerhuette/chronik.php

Since May 2023 Jeannette and Gunnar have taken over the operation of the hut as tenants. The mountain hut is to be a place for all hiking, climbing, alpine and skiing enthusiasts. Here, mountaineers and tourists should come together, relax and enjoy. Located in the midst of beautiful nature, the management is to be particularly sustainable. Renewable electricity, mainly from Austrian hydropower, and wood pellets as a renewable raw material will be used as energy sources. In May 2023, propane gas as fuel for the kitchen will be largely replaced by a new electric stove. We aim to become the first mountain hut in Upper Austria with the BIO-AUSTRIA Gold partnership by the beginning of 2024 at the latest.